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Es ist fast alles möglich!

“Ich bin AEGEE beigetreten, weil ich noch etwas außerhalb der Uni machen wollte. Seit ich ein Mitlgied bin, habe ich viele neue, sehr gute Freunde kennengelernt und hab immer viel Spaß bei unseren Treffen. Das Beste daran: Man kann alles machen, egal, ob man nur bei einem Event ein bisschen aushelfen möchte oder einen mehrtägigen Ausflug für Erasmusstudenten organisieren will,… Read more →

They became my friends

“My name is Pablo Zumeta, a Spanish Erasmus student in Aachen last year. I had the luck of sharing my experience there with some great tutors that made my initial days in Aachen much more easier and that became my friends as long as the weeks passed. I would sincerely recommend any erasmus to join this kind of groups where… Read more →

AEGEE made me discover my true interest

“Among a myriad of project ideas and fields of action, it is easy to find the path and feels the closest to you and make you develop a particular set of skills which will surely help you in your later life. And it doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy every moment of it.” Read more →

I can contribute to this special organization

“I’m glad I joined AEGEE because I’ve met heaps of open-minded and warm-hearted people. Working with the PR group specifically is important to me since I can contribute to this special organization, and besides improve my confidence considering presenting and organizing.” Read more →

AEGEE is not simply an organization

“Beside my studies I wanted to engage in society and have fun, so I found AEGEE, which is fantastic. AEGEE strenghtensmy self-confidence, gives me the possibility to get to know different countries, cultures and people and teaches me a lot about organization. AEGEE is not simply an organization, it is a vision for a better Europe.” Read more →

The best thing that could happen to me

“AEGEE is the best thing that could happen to me during my abroad Master. The cultural richness of the diverse people turned interesting activities into rock-solid friendships, which still strengthen my feeling of belonging to a beautiful Europe, and feeding my desire of making Europe a better place for me, them and the ones to come.” Read more →

I got the chance to discover my own potential

“As a typical engineer I would have never thought about participating in a European youth forum let alone organizing a thematic event. In AEGEE I got the chance to discover my own potential and new possibilities. And finally I can find out what Europe really means for me.” Read more →

AEGEE will enable you to do anything

“I joined AEGEE after a ‘French Night’ event, thinking this would allow me to meet people and share experiences with them. And I wasn’t disappointed! I have since met many people of many different cultures, learning from them to improve myself. If you have the motivation, AEGEE will enable you to do anything!” Read more →

This gave me more than university

“When I joined, I had no idea where this would take me. Over the last months I travelled and met more people than I ever imagined, and I gained skills in fields I just dreamed of, such as leadership and organizational skills. I think I can say that this gave me more for my future life than my Master studies.” Read more →