Lucia Gavulová elected for Summer University Coordination Team

12183729_10153635842756866_3512010992626407065_oOne of our members and current president of AEGEE-Bratislava, was elected to the Summer University Coordination Team! We asked her some questions about her upcoming work.

Q: “Lucia, it’s only been less than two weeks that you have been elected a member of the Summer University Coordination Team. Is that thought still new for you or did you already get used to your new position?”
A: “It is already two weeks? Wow, time flies fast!
Right now I am in changing period between president of AEGEE-Bratislava and being a SUCT member, deciding on Knowledge Transfer for both and such. But since the very first minute results were presented, people came to me telling me what needs to be changed „smile“-Emoticon

Q: “How did you and the rest of your new team celebrate the election results?”
A: “Well, we cheared over facebook, since not all of us were present on Agora and we also a bit celebrated on European Night with “old” SUCT members.”

Q: “Have you already started working on concrete topics or are you taking it slow for the moment?”
A: “Not yet, since we still have to distribute our tasks, but we are getting into the topic by checking all documents and talking to previous SUCT. We also already set up our first meeting and slowly starting”

Q: “Will there be a teambuilding for the new SUCT? Maybe even in Aachen?”
A: “Definitely! We are meeting already this weekend in CD house and then moving to Aachen, indeed! And I will keep an eye on introducing some Slovak spirit into teambuilding „wink“-Emoticon

Interview by Katja Sontag