Damien Latacz elected for Mediation Commission


He had to give up his position as our President, but just to become President of a European Body! We congratulate and want to know more..

Q: “Damien, at the agora, you ran for Mediation Commission and did not only succeed, but even became the president of the MedCom! What’s your secret, how did you manage to convince everyone to vote for you?”
A: “By being annoying ? Or being French ?  Maybe ? :p more seriously I don’t know, I was really surprised myself to become President ! But I am really happy about it, and a bit proud to be honest. It motivates me even more.”

Q: “How did you spent the days after your election? Did you celebrate?”

A: “Well… the night after the results was European Night, so of course I celebrated, at least a bit, and the day after I was visiting Kyiv with some friend and eating a lot ! It was nice ! But the trip to Chernobyl was probably my post-agora highlight, it keeps you in a dream mood, like you are still not back to reality, awesome !”

Q: “What are your plans for the near future for you and your team?”
A: “We started our Knowledge Transfer the week after the Agora, so we are still getting used to how the MedCom internally work. It’s really interesting. I hope I will manage to keep an atmosphere of honesty in the team, I think it is even more important for the task of MedCom. As for the Team, of course we will do our regular work for DPPS and Mediation, but as we said during the Agora, we will start thinking on how make people more interested in getting involved in MedCom or in Bodies in general, some skilled people are in AEGEE, we want them to step up !”

Q: “Since you are the president of the MedCom, a very presidential question seems in order: What would you like to tell the people who voted for you?”

A: “First of all, thank you. Now we have one year to prove ourselves, so I hope people will not hesitate to contact us! So that in one year, you’ll get a happy Polar Bear on stage presenting his report ahahah :D”

Interview by Katja Sontag