Weekly meetings

Every Monday from 9 pm we meet in “Café & Bar zuhause“, Sandkaulstraße 109.


Every week, the board will give a short presentation about what AEGEE-Aachen has done in the last week, and what the upcoming events will be. This is the chance to engage! If you organize an event, you can search for co-organizers and helpers. And if you are new, you can suggest your own event and see if people are willing to help you organize it!

Social aspect

For many of our members, AEGEE-Aachen is not only an organization, most of their friends are here. This might be due to the fact that we share the same mind-set. Having a place to see each other every week is nice. We talk about what happened during the weekend, or on vacation, how studies are going and more.


Before our meeting, there is the chance for people to present about a subject they are interested in, and that might be interesting for our members. Topics include “My summer in Ukraine: Kiev and Chernobyl”, “The upcoming elections in Greece”, as well as various reports from members that participated in European Events. Also other student organisations, such as BEST and “Up with people!”  have presented themselves already.

The current topic will appear in our calendar (see on the right side).

If you want to present about a topic, or you want to present your organisation, please send an e-mail to info[at]aegee-aachen.org