European Events

European Events are the backbone of AEGEE. The reason why AEGEE is awesome. The reason why you will find many of us rather travelling around Europe than staying in Aachen.

All events are organized by AEGEE members for AEGEE members. This means blood, sweat and tears go into the organization of events to make them awesome, and you feel it. Whenever you join an event, you might go with a friend, or maybe you go alone but you come back with 20 new friends! There is a wide variety of events all over Europe, happening all the time, so there is something for every interest!


First of all, our biggest event. Our general assembly, the Agora. In fact, more than 700 students from all over Europe gathering together to make the organization and Europe better. Discussions, workshops, politics, elections, reports, friendships, networking, partys, everything compressed into 4 or 5 days of awesomeness!

Summer Universities

Every Summer, around 80 AEGEE Locals all over Europe organize so-called “Summer Universities”. A Summer Vacation deluxe, a guarantee for friendship and experiences you will never forget! The content reaches from language courses and cooking workshops to sports, culture, travelling and non-formal education. Read more →

Network meetings

Our network is too big to gather very often. That’s why we meet in smaller groups, all over Europe. Every spring and autumn so-called “Network Meetings” take place, in which people from the same area gather for a few days, learn from and with each other and strengthen their bonds. If you want to get to know more about AEGEE beyond the borders of Aachen, this is the place to go!

European Schools

A lot of fun-events take place. But there is more. An European School is a week-long event which is all about knowledge. Skilled and certified trainers provide workshops on a very high level to skill YOU! There are general European Schools, but also dedicated ones, for example on PR, HR, Self-Development, Fundraising and more! If you want to know more, check out the website of the AEGEE Academy!